Saturday, February 20, 2010

PICC line again

I wanted to post this about Lisa's Picc line. Here was her Picc in her arm. There were 2 ports one for saline and one for the Zofran pump(Anti Nausea medicine). Nurses came in weekly to change the dressing and the ports. We had to change the longer lines and flush the ports daily. When she was taking both the saline and the zofran at the same time it was about $5,000/week. Later she she was just on the zofran so it was about $4,000/week. She is still taking Zofran for the nausea but just orally.
The line started in her biceps brachi and ran into her heart. She is holding it about where it started in her arm. The purple line that you see is how much line ran from her arm to her heart.

The purple button is about where it started in her arm.
Here is the after math when the nurses removed the line from her arm.


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi, Alice} said...

yo, for real? lisa... i had no idea! hope you're feeling better. let the countdown begin (or continue... whatever!) ;)

Jillian said...

Ugh. I bet you are so glad to have that out! They are such a nusance, more than anything else. Continued good luck!