Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mose'n hose

Well I asked Mose if he wanted a hair cut--he responded with a definite yes. Later that day Mose and I picked up Ava and all she said was, "Did Mosey get a hair cut? He looks funny." I think that he is like total BA now.


Kind of gross but Moses requires snacks while he gets his hair cut. I was looking at the box of ritz crackers and the nutrional facts said nothing about added protein from his black curlies on his crackers.

The Good Shepherd

I overheard Ava talking to Tate:

"Tate, Jesus is a shepherd and you are his littlest lamb.
And Mommy is a sheep."

Thank you, Primary.

Ava's first day of School

Ava got a full-time job, I mean, started kindergarten. It's pretty much the same thing since kindergarten is from 7:45am-3:00pm. However, she loves it. She almost went crazy waiting for August 23rd, but she made it and here she is on the big day.

That little boy at her table looks SUPER excited too!

And Mos loves Ava going to kindergarten too because he got some free waffles so all is right with the world.

*As a side note, Ava did not tell us one new thing that she learned in her first entire week. Kindergarten sounds amazing.

Kim and family came to visit

Kim, Stuart and family stopped by for a day on their move to Reno. It was a lot of fun. We did not do much because it was Sunday but we went to the park and just hung out. We tried to get a Sunday afternoon nap in but this house is too small to try to escape the noise. Kim was happy to do Ava's hair and Ava loves getting her hair done.

Bath time
Feeding the ducks- it was super hot so we did not stay long.
The kids were all sad to say good bye.
Apparently it is really hard for some kids.