Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Boy

Not exactly sure where I went wrong...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


November 23, 2008 is the one year anniversary of Mosey's sealing to our family. Ava and I worked on a little project to represent how we are feeling this time of year.

For the celebration we looked at pictures, talked about what we remember from the sealing day, and had a little treat with one candle for each of us--since all our lives changed that day.

Moses was just interested in getting to the food.

My girls lookin' fan-frickin'-tastic. --Matt

Ava really likes taking pictures these days.
We are so glad these kids are ours!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Boys Are Back In Town

Matt and Moses went to Utah over the weekend for Uncle Mike's funeral. We are all glad to be back together. Mos is spending today sleeping off all the excitement. I will admit that it was more difficult for me to have Mosey gone than Matt. I'm pretty used to not seeing Matt much, but it was hard to not have my Mosey. However, Ava and I took advantage of the girl time and watched some movies, went shopping, went to the toy store, ate whatever we wanted, and yes, she slept in my bed.

And since I haven't been keeping up with the blog too much lately I thought I would take this opportunity to throw up a few pictures.

I guess it's about time I get to Halloween (thanks for the subtle hint, Mom). Moses was a pirate. The very same costume I bought for Ava a couple years ago because I couldn't pass it up in the store when I saw a little black boy wearing it in the picture on the front of the package. Even though I only had a little white girl I made her wear it and she looked darling. Now it has been passed to Mos and he is way cuter than the boy in the picture that made me buy it.

We had no say in Ava's costume. Kinda like most things when it comes to Ava. The girl knows what she wants and always has. Not what I would have picked out, but she was cute because she always is. Trick-or-treating she went up to everyone and said, "My name is Ava and I'm a unicorn." Of course all these people already know her, but she just had to set the record straight.

Matt pointed out that he and Ava have the same smile in this picture. What did I get myself into?

Apparently this is how Moses likes to eat his potatoes--raw, through a bag. He also tried out a raw onion last week when I was making dinner. He didn't think it was too bad.

A little show of manliness. These things happen.....quite regularly.

Ava's most recent tea party guests.

Mosey's new favorite thing to do. I'm quite certain he gets this from his Grandpa Scott.

And lastly I would like to leave you with the words I jotted down from Ava's song she was singing in the bathroom Saturday night while the boys were gone.

I miss my daddy
He went on a airplane to see his family
Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kay and Sadie--
that's Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kay's doggy.
My daddy went away and took my Mosey.
I so sad cuz I miss them.
What will I do?
Help me go get my Daddy and Mosey.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Moses,

Last night, while you were sleeping, a black man was elected president of the United States. You do not know what this means for you now, and truthfully, neither do I. But what I feel is an overwhelming sense of hope. Hope that this means a better world for you. Hope that you really can be judged for the content of your charater. Hope that when you see your face reflected in that of a powerful man, you will know that it's true--you can be anything.
All the world will know Barack Obama's story. You, son, are just starting to write yours. I have always, and will always, believe in your greatness. Now everyone else knows too--a little black boy with a white mama can change the world.

Love, Mom

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The funny things at our place

So I told Ava to put her sucker away b/c it was bed time. Lisa found it right where it was supposed to go.

Lisa taught Moses how to give the stink eye. However, he is having a more difficult time keeping a straight face now.

Ava the other day decided that she want a pet caterpilar and made Lisa search for all sorts of things for the caterpilar. The ball is a toy to play with. The ice cream cone is the bath tub. The mega block is the potty. The chip under the potty is a leaf and the green lid is a plate with a tiny bit of brownie (that is covered up). When I got home we tried to find a caterpiler but we were unsuccessful.

Moses threw a tantrum and threw his milk on the floor and flicked milk all over himself and he started to cry. Lisa told me the story and I started to laugh.

Through the eyes of Ava.

Moses rubbing his cheeks all over my shower. I was putting him in the bath tub today and I turned on the water and he turned on his hose all over the floor where I was standing.

Ava created this little contraption on her own or maybe Lisa plays this when I am not around. I think it is awesome though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Do You Know...

...she's the daughter of a dentist (well, kind of a dentist)? Tonight Matt brings home a Cinderella toothbrush from school for Ava. When he gives it to her she exclaims, "This is the best suprise ever!". Really?!?! How do I top that?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mormons storm'in the Good'ol Punkin Patch

Here I am covering for Lisa because she has a long 9 months ahead of her. So I will be in and out.

I was showing Moses how to sleep in his room since he would not.

My lady looking hot and dead sexy with her witchy friends (no offense Lisa).

Our dinks helping us get a nice shot on the Pumpkins.

This goat climbed up on the roof of this barn and was just hanging out. Moses is in the picture he is just harder to see.

My favorite pig and cow. I like frenching the cow.

The kids on the bikes at the pumpkin patch.

Incubators in the front and men in the back. So which mormon lady has 2 husbands?

PS Lisa is not pregnant it was a joke.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Grandpa Ron

I got Ava some new monkey scissors to do art projects with. She was really excited and kept saying, "Thanks Mama, these make me so happy. I like my own scissors." After she cut her paper pictures out she asked to go out on the porch.

This is what happened:

My dad would be so proud. She got his natural pruning skills.

Now every time she gets hold of those scissors she's out there hacking away at the bush.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bite The Bullet

We cut Mosey's hair. No, I'm not happy--but I think I'll be okay. You all know about his hair issues. Some people call it a "ring" around his head, some people think he has been wearing a hat, some people think we shaved just the sides of his head, but I prefer to call it his "halo". Whatever you call it, the fact is he had some hair all the way around his head that started growing later than the rest and the longer his hair got the more noticeable it was. So we knew we had to cut it all down to the same length if we were to ever hope for a nice, even fro. So Matt had been saying we should do it for a few days, and finally, when we had some friends over for my moral support, I gave him the go ahead.


Mos didn't really enjoy the experience. Ava freaked out and thought we were going to strap her in the chair next. I tried to not cry. Adam came up with lots of unique 'do suggestions. Lisa tried to make me feel optimistic. And Matt just shaved all that beautiful hair away.

All I have to say at this point is it's a good thing he is so dang cute he can pull off anything.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Make It Better, Mama

One of my biggest fears going into motherhood was that someday my child would get hurt, I would kiss it better, and my child would look at me and say that it still hurt. They would know that mommy's kiss really didn't make anything better. I would lie awake at night wondering what I would do then. My mama always made everything better and I just knew I wouldn't be able to do the same. I just didn't have the magical mommy kiss, and it terrified me. Well, the dreaded day eventually came, as we all knew it would, and when I gave the kiss--it worked. She stopped crying, she snuggled into me instead of turning to announce my failure, she thought that I made it better.
When I was becoming a mother for the second time I was terrified all over again. Petrified, really. This time my baby would experience a profound, irreversible loss when he was just 2 days old. This time when my baby cried, I wondered if he was crying for someone else--someone that I could never be. So I held him and cried with him, whispering words I thought she would want him to hear. And he slept curled tightly into my side, and we hung on for dear life.
The fears have not left me. We battle it out most days. I still feel my heart speed up when that little girl gets hurt or scared and comes running to me. I am still surprised and relieved everytime she runs off happy again after my kiss. When she tells me, "Thanks Mama, I all better now," I feel like maybe giving her to me wasn't a mistake after all. Sometimes when I hold my crying son I still find my own cheeks wet for the mother that's not holding him. But he still holds onto me tighter than anyone ever has and my voice stops his cries and my hands wipe his tears. And when his arms are around my neck and his head on my heart I think that maybe I can make it just a little better.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank you for the very subtle reminder, Emma Lee. You always did have a great memory.

Our summer was lovely (all two weeks of it). Unfortunately, we are idiots and therefore did not take too many pictures. We spent time at both Matt's and my parents houses, lots of time with cousins, and even had a bit of time to ourselves. Ava got to sleep on a trampoline for the first time with her daddy and she got to camp in the backyard in a tent with her Grandpa and cousins. We did a lot of swimming. Matt and I went to Raging Waters without children. We had BBQs and parties and get-togethers and ate all the food we miss when we are in Nebraska. I got a pedicure with my sister and Matt finally got a haircut. Moses drove a tractor and seemed to forget all about the fact that he was 14 months old. Ava got waffles or pancakes most everyday for breakfast--a tradition that will not continue back in the real world. Moses experienced his first ice cream cone. All in all I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I didn't get any good picutres of Ava during the trip so I'll share this little gem with you.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I got this from Kelsi's blog. I'm interested to know what ya'll have to say.

Directions: Leave a comment on my blog about a memory of you and I together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, just whatever you remember.

Then repost this on your blog to see who leaves comments for you.

Good times.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

No More Hiding

Quite the absence, I know. I think we have finally recovered from our vacation--just in time to get ready for the next one. In a couple weeks we are driving back to Utah. To be honest, I think the drive with two parents will be easier than the flight with one parent. We shall see....

Yesterday to I took my kids to play at the mall so that I didn't have to suffer in the heat. At one point Ava layed down under a giant mushroom. Moses just can't let anyone on the ground escape his attacks. He went over and climbed on her back and they both laughed and laughed. I hardly notice all the stares we get anymore, but they were getting quite a few. Oh well, to me they look just like a big sister and her little brother.

Monday, June 16, 2008

On a Jet Plane

That's right, I'm out. I am going to Utah for my beautiful cousin's wedding and thought I might as well make a little vacation out of it. So I will be gone until June 28th. My advice to you would be to not check my blog until after that date. I will be having much too much fun to update. But I will be back with some great stuff I'm sure--that is if I make it through 2 flights alone with my children.

*I'm not really flying United either. This is not a paid endorsement.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


These days Mos thinks he is all grown up. Once he started walking he figured he could do everything on his own. He climbs on everything. He never even needs my help. He climbs up the slide and slides down himself. He climbs up and down the stairs by himself. He feeds himself and I wipe food off the walls and curtains. Fun stuff.

Wasn't he a baby just the other day?

Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Project"

Since I asked for coupons on my blog I thought I better post a picture of what I wanted them for. Thank you everyone that sent coupons, thank you Meg for the link, thank you Lisa for shopping for frames with me, thank you Lis and Carissa for helping me make a frame out of something that was not a frame to begin with, and thank you Lechelle for taking the pictures.

I love looking at these pictures. There is not a single day I want to remember more.