Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mormons storm'in the Good'ol Punkin Patch

Here I am covering for Lisa because she has a long 9 months ahead of her. So I will be in and out.

I was showing Moses how to sleep in his room since he would not.

My lady looking hot and dead sexy with her witchy friends (no offense Lisa).

Our dinks helping us get a nice shot on the Pumpkins.

This goat climbed up on the roof of this barn and was just hanging out. Moses is in the picture he is just harder to see.

My favorite pig and cow. I like frenching the cow.

The kids on the bikes at the pumpkin patch.

Incubators in the front and men in the back. So which mormon lady has 2 husbands?

PS Lisa is not pregnant it was a joke.


Zaissa said...

I rushed to the bottom of this post to find out exactly how far along she was!


tinkrgurlsmom said...

Hillarious!!!! You almost had us believing your joke. But then we realized you were alive. If lisa was pregnant you would be dead or wishing you were. She was soooooooooooo..... sick. Poor thing (Lisa not you.) Don't act like your tired, dental school is far from being tiring and your wife probably covers for you most of the time. Trust me I know.
Ryan Wilson

Anonymous said...

I think Lisa is the one on the left, right? In that one picture with her witchy friends.

becky said...

Although 9 months in O-maha pulling double parent duty (while you are "studying")does equate to a LOOONG 9 months!!

CARISSA said...

You made me scream- LOOOOOOSER!!

The Stanley's said...

Nice try, but I didn't believe you for a second. And what's that comment from anonymous (AKA MATT) about her "witchy friends" all about?