Sunday, October 26, 2008

The funny things at our place

So I told Ava to put her sucker away b/c it was bed time. Lisa found it right where it was supposed to go.

Lisa taught Moses how to give the stink eye. However, he is having a more difficult time keeping a straight face now.

Ava the other day decided that she want a pet caterpilar and made Lisa search for all sorts of things for the caterpilar. The ball is a toy to play with. The ice cream cone is the bath tub. The mega block is the potty. The chip under the potty is a leaf and the green lid is a plate with a tiny bit of brownie (that is covered up). When I got home we tried to find a caterpiler but we were unsuccessful.

Moses threw a tantrum and threw his milk on the floor and flicked milk all over himself and he started to cry. Lisa told me the story and I started to laugh.

Through the eyes of Ava.

Moses rubbing his cheeks all over my shower. I was putting him in the bath tub today and I turned on the water and he turned on his hose all over the floor where I was standing.

Ava created this little contraption on her own or maybe Lisa plays this when I am not around. I think it is awesome though.


Zaissa said...

Cute babies.

When you said Moses learned to give the stink eye, I thought of this Youtube video. I don't know if you have seen it, but it's stinkin' funny.

Anonymous said...

What does the contraption do??? I see something in her belt loop that I asume is what you are talking about??

becky said...

I love that she put her sucker away right with her monkey scissors- that must be the drawer with special things! =)