Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Grandpa Ron

I got Ava some new monkey scissors to do art projects with. She was really excited and kept saying, "Thanks Mama, these make me so happy. I like my own scissors." After she cut her paper pictures out she asked to go out on the porch.

This is what happened:

My dad would be so proud. She got his natural pruning skills.

Now every time she gets hold of those scissors she's out there hacking away at the bush.


Anonymous said...

Terrific! And just in time, too - 'cause tomorrow's a holiday.(9/11; it's kind of a holiday. Close enough.) And what do we do on holidays?.....That's right, Lisa. Yard work!
She makes me PROUD!

Grandpa Ron

Anonymous said...

Besides - look at that poor bush. It needs a trimmin'; and that smart (and cute) Ava knowed it.
Mighty PROUD.

aka 'Dad'

Anonymous said...

I trimmed the bushes once. Now it is a good ol'classic story.


Zaissa said...

I love her little sweater. That is soooooo cute on her.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Matt trimming the bushes, only peeing on them!!!

jsstephenson said...

I don't remember Matt ever trimming any bushes WELL. I remember some hack jobs!

I wonder to what Matt is referring exactly.


The Stanley's said...

Does she pull weeds too? Send her to my house!!

Jenn and Tyler said...

Nice, ask her to do a snowman and you'll be set for the holidays!

Sonnie and Ryan said...

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