Friday, July 11, 2008


I got this from Kelsi's blog. I'm interested to know what ya'll have to say.

Directions: Leave a comment on my blog about a memory of you and I together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, just whatever you remember.

Then repost this on your blog to see who leaves comments for you.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

I remember this one time you slept with a picture of me under your pillow. In this picture I was wearing a leapard print speedo and a sports bra that looked fashionable cute on me. Very sexy I might add.

Stuart & Kimber said...

You probably had to sleep with the picture under your pillow so it wouldn't freak you out first thing in the morning if you saw it!

you did tell my brother he could only post once right? Otherwise, you might have to start moderating comments.

We've never lived very close (distance) to one another, so I have to bring one up from your wedding (sorry to have to go so far back. Although, I really liked your chocolate colored wall in your condo, but I don't think that counts...) and I remember at your wedding dinner, your mother saying that she was glad her daughter was marring someone who had as many clothes as she did.

It was pretty funny.

You and Matt have always looked really cute (and much more "with it" than myself.). And your kids are always dressed really cute too.

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Oh the memories...My all time favorite was watching you guys come home at 2 or 3 in the morning only to find your front door filled to the top with snow bricks!!
Ryan's favorite memory has to be when Matt hid in our car and when he jumped out, Ryan screamed like a girl!!

Anonymous said...

One memory I will always have is that special moment when we were parked in bay area of utah lake. It just so happens that a cop came up and knocked on our window. Of course we didn't know that it was a cop until after we wiped off the fogged up window. Oh the special monents.
Parents we were just talking in a very close area.

Anonymous said...

How about that time when you were first married and you were coming out of the bathroom of your first place with that special surprise waiting for you on the floor. Unforgettable

becky said...

Duck eggs, coins for Whoppers, chocolate covered gummi bears, "Tapestry", picking up a prized set of drums, you coming and keeping me company while I was hostage at the mall "Learning Center" (and all the various adventures that entailed and the list is very long), camp pranks, dances,... and monkeys.
My favorite though is the "cheering up book" that I still have and cherish!!

Jenn & Tyler said...

I remember the fast sunday after having Moses sealed to you and Matt that you shared your testimony in sacrament meeting. It was very touching to me and I felt the spirit so strong. I just felt such happiness for you and your family.
Oh, and I loved the jeans with bling on them that you wore to the olive garden for my birthday lunch we all went to. You have such class to your style, weren't there some incredible shoes to? LOL

becky said...

There's ALWAYS incredible shoes with her!!

Elsa's Mom said...

Oooooh I wanna play! I wanna Play!!!!

I bet you thought I would say the easy ones, like I remember playing Barbies in the bathroom for like an hour before we finally caved and called for help because we were locked in. Or that I remember pulling you out of that hole in the desert your brother and his friend buried you in that time. Or that I might tell a “when I was a teenager…”joke, but I won’t be bringing up any of that.

I remember that time you had a driver’s license and I didn’t have one, but I had a car and you didn’t have one, so you used to drive me around in my car.

And once we were driving up tenth street west and you realized you didn’t have your wallet and then you remembered you put it on top of the car while you were opening the door of the car…but oddly enough it wasn’t there anymore after driving down the road for a while. So we went driving back and sure enough your wallet was in the middle of the intersection outside my house. And you pulled the car over, calmly got out like you were going for a little walk in the garden or something, walked through traffic like you knew it would stop, picked up your wallet, and got back in the car and continued driving and chatting like ain’t nothin’ happened.

You didn’t seem the least bit panicked for even for a second, not even when you realized you had left a wallet on the top of the car and driven away for ten miles.

You are really the calmest, bravest, most nonchalant gal I know. The only time I have seen you anxious or worried it’s been over your kids’ health, safety, or happiness.

And if the marriage and kids thing had notta worked out for you, I also remember what a great butler you woulda been.

Lechelle said...

Unplug and run - run off stage!
Best Buy.
Kiss the rain.
Passing notes in accounting class with a teacher that looked like a muppet and kinda sounded like ben stein. that same teacher sending us out of class to clean the seagull present out of someones hair.
The david stockdale drama.
All the wonderful three-way fights between you, delaine, and I that took a while to discover existed and always got worked out eventually.

The Stanley's said...

ihop- need I say more?

Erin said...

Oh, Lisa!!!

Sunday night Stephenson dinners are just not the same with out YOU. It's just not the same with out you there to stick up for us girls, keeping all the guys in check (Brian, Matt, Pat.....I could go on....Skhott?)

Also, BRIAN is very proud of his Leopard Speedo and Sports Bra wearin' days, SORRY you had to see that picture Lisa.

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Hello there!! NO! we are not in Laramie this summer ( we will be there at the end of august). Ryan is working in colorado for the chance you will be traveling through denver??
I think we met matt in Laramie a couple of years burger king! Can you believe they took the playland out of that icky place??
anyway, I hope we can have a reunion soon!!!

jsstephenson said...

Let's about the time I was at the airport picking Lisa up, standing right beside her in the baggage claim area. I didn't recognize her! She was pregnant and sick and really enjoying life at that very moment. Oh, what a wonderful memory.

Kyle and Janel said...

I remember for the first month or two or whatever that I didn't know who you were and then we finally talked and I was like oh good now we can be friends. and look what has blossomed from that.

Zaissa said...

I remember when you used to post things to this blog.