Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Boys Are Back In Town

Matt and Moses went to Utah over the weekend for Uncle Mike's funeral. We are all glad to be back together. Mos is spending today sleeping off all the excitement. I will admit that it was more difficult for me to have Mosey gone than Matt. I'm pretty used to not seeing Matt much, but it was hard to not have my Mosey. However, Ava and I took advantage of the girl time and watched some movies, went shopping, went to the toy store, ate whatever we wanted, and yes, she slept in my bed.

And since I haven't been keeping up with the blog too much lately I thought I would take this opportunity to throw up a few pictures.

I guess it's about time I get to Halloween (thanks for the subtle hint, Mom). Moses was a pirate. The very same costume I bought for Ava a couple years ago because I couldn't pass it up in the store when I saw a little black boy wearing it in the picture on the front of the package. Even though I only had a little white girl I made her wear it and she looked darling. Now it has been passed to Mos and he is way cuter than the boy in the picture that made me buy it.

We had no say in Ava's costume. Kinda like most things when it comes to Ava. The girl knows what she wants and always has. Not what I would have picked out, but she was cute because she always is. Trick-or-treating she went up to everyone and said, "My name is Ava and I'm a unicorn." Of course all these people already know her, but she just had to set the record straight.

Matt pointed out that he and Ava have the same smile in this picture. What did I get myself into?

Apparently this is how Moses likes to eat his potatoes--raw, through a bag. He also tried out a raw onion last week when I was making dinner. He didn't think it was too bad.

A little show of manliness. These things happen.....quite regularly.

Ava's most recent tea party guests.

Mosey's new favorite thing to do. I'm quite certain he gets this from his Grandpa Scott.

And lastly I would like to leave you with the words I jotted down from Ava's song she was singing in the bathroom Saturday night while the boys were gone.

I miss my daddy
He went on a airplane to see his family
Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kay and Sadie--
that's Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kay's doggy.
My daddy went away and took my Mosey.
I so sad cuz I miss them.
What will I do?
Help me go get my Daddy and Mosey.


Sheri said...

You are an incredibly cute mom with incredibly cute children. Thanks for letting me be a part of your world. I love your insight!

Zaissa said...

Hey, I had a Mojo RIGHT HERE in my state and nobody told me?

We are no longer on speaking terms.

Zaissa said...

Hey, I had a Mojo RIGHT HERE in my state and nobody told me?

We are no longer on speaking terms.

bonnie said...

It is so hard to have your kids away...as much as you think you might love it! :) That song Ava was singing is pretty cute! I love their little minds and what they come up with.

Stuart and Kimber said...

Moses is darling and he came right to me!!!

But the question is: where did Matt sleep when he got home?????

Thanks for sharing your fam!!!

jsstephenson said...

I do have a couple of comments:

We missed Mosey more than Matt also when they left. Lisa, You know the rules: no time off!

Now about the comment about drinking straight from the fausett, I do not know what you are talking about. Are you sure that is not a Beeson trait?


jsstephenson said...


I spelled faucet wrong.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that IS a Beeson trait. Oh, yeahhh....

Grandpa Ron