Sunday, November 23, 2008


November 23, 2008 is the one year anniversary of Mosey's sealing to our family. Ava and I worked on a little project to represent how we are feeling this time of year.

For the celebration we looked at pictures, talked about what we remember from the sealing day, and had a little treat with one candle for each of us--since all our lives changed that day.

Moses was just interested in getting to the food.

My girls lookin' fan-frickin'-tastic. --Matt

Ava really likes taking pictures these days.
We are so glad these kids are ours!


angie said...


Anonymous said...


Seriously, when I saw Matt he was sporting that Ask Fred shirt. That thing has to go.

Anonymous said...

Whatever joe--the shirt is awesome and you can get one too if you want.

Anonymous said...

May I say "Ditto" on the thought that I am glad that you are in my family!!! LaKay

Sonnie and Ryan said...

You guys have the cutest little family ever!! How are you doing these days?

3stockdalekids said...

hey lisa it's dawn. can you send me a link to your blog. i would love to follow. your family looks so fun. check us out.