Monday, March 24, 2008

Life In Pictures

I figure this is an easier way to catch up with everything that I haven't gotten around to putting up yet. Here goes:

Grandma came to visit for Spring Break. Ava still talks about it everyday. We spent a day at the zoo of course.

What a view.

I realize this image may be disturbing, but Ava was very proud of her "pretty daddy".

We also went to Coco Key during Spring Break. The kids loved it--it was really very fun. Ava even went on the slides that she was too short for, but they let her go all by herslef. She loved it and would jump off and run back up the stairs to do it again.

Just a cute picture on a warm day. She pulled her purple soccer ball and her pink high heels in her sled. It's hard work apparently.

Moses thinks he can walk up the stairs now.

That naked stuff is the Stephenson coming out in him.

Cute kids after church. Sometimes we dress them.

My boys.

I'm a lucky girl.

I love this boy and this girl.

We made it to Easter and even dyed some eggs. Ava told us the Easter Bunny was going to be so happy when he saw her eggs. I'm sure he was.
Mosey's contribution to the egg dying.
There was a wrestling match the night before Easter between the kids and Matt. Ava wound up with a fat lip. I guess she lost. On the plus side, she fell asleep with me holding her.
But everyone healed and we all had a happy Easter. Hope you did too.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Seriously, Matt, if I had a face that looked liked that, I'd shave my #$% and walk backwards on my hands. That was hideous.

Stuart & Kimber said...

Stuart would 100% agree with you about the naked comment.

I love the fish/shark photo. That's another one that Wakely started.

Matt's a good little daddy, Joe! Cute little purple face! Now start signing your messages!

Kyle and Janel said...

The zoo is wonderful to have so close! We should start sending out memos to all our family that when they come it is a given that we will make a trip to the zoo. But it takes up a day and it really is cool each time you go! But Ava totally should play on Jantsen's team. I was actually going to call you yesterday to see if he wants to join! It really is so cute and fun! Let me know!

Kyle and Janel said...

to see if She wants to join! sorry!

Zaissa said...
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Elsa's Mom said...

Is Ava old English for "little Elisa"? I swear that kid gets more and more familiar.

I love the shark picture. What a stud he's ganna be!

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Those pictures are all so cute! At first glance, I thought the picture of Matt with glitter on his face was a rash!! But, now that I know it's glitter it's a little more endearing! You guys have a cute little family!

bonnie said...

We love going to the zoo. It is nice to have the zoo and the childrens museum so close to us. Those are all cute pictures. I bet it was fun to have your mom here!