Monday, April 14, 2008

WANTED: Michael's Coupons

OK, so I am trying to do a project and I need those 40% or 50% off coupons for Michael's. I don't get any in the mail and we don't get the newspaper. So if anybody does get them and is not going to use them, I am in need. I guess they don't do online or in-store coupons. So please let me know if you can help me out and I will love you forever.


Stuart & Kimber said...

We usually get them every other week. So I'll get one next week that I can send you.

One thing you might try though - it works at our Michaels anyway - if you tell them that you forgot your coupon, then they still give you the discount, they just make you sign this Forgot Coupon Form.

Just an idea.

What cha doing????? :)

Jenn & Tyler said...

You are so funny, if you can't find any, buy a sunday paper (50 cents) and it usually has one. Buy a few!!!!
If I come across one I'll sure bring it over! Good luck, what are you making?

Skahht said...

50 cents is absolutely toooo much to pay for a newspaper! I am sure that Matt would agree. Suggest you go dumpster diving tonight or after next Sunday.

You did not mention what the coveted item is at Michael's. Could you share that with us? We are after the forever love bit.

Skkoughht and Lahkaye

Meg said...

Hi Lisa! Found your blog on Kelsi's. Your kids are too cute!
I could send you my Michaels coupons but I found this for you instead.

Good luck with your project!

Anonymous said...

You need to update more than twice a month. The amount of new material I come up exceeds the amount of postings. Seriously, consider a weekly schedule just so I use some of these gems I come up with.

Stuart & Kimber said...

Great, Matt,

Now she'll never post again. Thanks a lot!

(I LIKE her posts!)

Don't listen to him Lisa.

Anonymous said...

KIm that was joe's post


Stuart & Kimber said...

whatever. you say that now...