Monday, May 26, 2008


Does this remind you of anyone? Matt was so proud.

I think he really is going to get more teeth someday, but I love his smile with just the two.

Ava dresses herslef now and it takes much, much longer because she always has to "be a crazy".

Mos loves to lounge in this chair. I am always finding him kickin' back here.

My pretty girl got her hair done. Not by me of course--she never lets me do it, but she always wants my friend Lisa to do it. In fact, right when she gets to Lisa's house she starts saying that her hair is in her eyes so that Lisa will do her hair. Quite the manipulator this one.
I just like to take sleeping pictures.

My favorite little girl and my favorite little boy.


Kyle and Janel said...

Just adorable! I am glad that Jantsen still lets me pick out his clothes and dress him because when the day comes he wants to do it all by himself, I might have a panic attack, Not that patient!

Anonymous said...

Bridger is our little fashionista. He talks about how clothes match or don't match. Where did he learn that action? Not from me, I can assure you of that. Wakely can care less about his clothing, same with Ryland.

Stuart & Kimber said...

Sam just started drinking out of the pitcher!!! That is so gross!

I didn't know that red chair was still around! That's awesome!

Great pics.

My advice: when she doesn't match, tell everyone that her dad dressed her. (that'll get 'em back for teaching her to drink from the jug!)

Elsa's Mom said...

Hey? Is that my fainting couch that little kid is asleep on?

The Stanley's said...
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The Stanley's said...

Ava and I do have fun making her hair "pretty." I laugh every time she tells me her "hair is in her face"- too cute!

CARISSA said...

love the pics. So cute. Tyler gets dressed and his clothes are on inside out and backwards. I hate the "i can do it myself" stage! Love the soapy hair on Moses.

Jillian said...

So......So cute!