Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ava at her best

Lisa told me a funny story about Ava

Lisa and Ava went to a store I am not sure which one. I could guess Buckle, Dillards, Target, some other random store that is in the mall. Either way she was in a busy dressing room with Ava trying on some sort full body jump suit I am sure-- and Ava says "mommy you wearing your pajamma underwear again."

Ava told me after she watched sleeping beauty "If you have a green face you sleep for ever and that is how you sleep forever."

This is Ava's story in her words on how she caught her butterflies.

"I went outside to catch a butterfly. I found 2 butterflies on a bush and I went swoosh (with the net) and I caught 2 butterflies before they frew (flew) away. Caterpilers they turn into butterflies. Caterpilers they want people to find them so they can find tree. Then they curl up on a little tree in a cacoon and then they come out flap their wings and fly around. Lots of caterpilers turn into butterflies huh daddy. I want to catch Butterflies forever and ever."ava

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How was Ava able to really catch 2 butterflies at once? (2 butterflies and yet they are one?)