Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Pumpkin destroyer

Well last week we decided to get a pumpkin early so that we could bring in the Halloween season right. Well someone was grateful for the pumpkin. Thankfully Ava wasn't devastated that her pumpkin got shredded. -But we figured out exactly who was wreaking all the havoc on our front porch.

The pumpkin was by our front door but we wanted to see what was going on so we moved it in front of the sliding door and found the pumpkin destroyer.
Ava and her old friend. Last year we put nuts right out the sliding door and the squirells would eat them during the winter. Ava and Moses loved watching them up close.
Moses has been really enjoying the vacuum lately. Can't say that I blame him. I always want to bust that thing out and go crazy.
We were teaching Ava how to tie a bow and this is her first bow she was so excited. Today I was cleaning out behind the fridge and Ava said "You have a really big hockey stick, it is so long."


Zaissa said...

Squirrels can be such jerks!

Lisa, it's good to see something up from you guys. I know you are having a rotten time with health stuff right now, just want you to know I am thinking of you. I love you! Wish I were closer to come and...well let's be honest, make fun of you (but I could help with stuff too).

Now I bet you are real glad you have a place to faint, hu?

Hang in there Champ.

Stuart and Kimber said...

I'm glad it wasn't you Matt! (it could've been!)

Ava is a cutie! Thanks for the update!

Lisa, we're rooting for you!!! (and we hope you move to MS!!!!)