Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ava Cuteness

Just two little stories:

Matt told Ava and Moses to go clean up the playroom. She asked if he would help them and he told her no, he was going to do the dishes and they needed to do it by themselves. Then she said, "But in church we learn that we should help each other."

Ava told Mos a story before he went down for his nap. It went something like this:
Once upon a time, a long time ago, Jesus was born. When Jesus was born his mommy and his daddy needed a new place to live, but they couldn't find anywhere to live. Then the shepherds and the wise men came to see Jesus and they brought presents. But the wise men didn't bring any presents so Jesus' mommy said, "Why didn't you bring any presents?" And that's when Jesus was born. The End.


Marianne said...

That's a pretty good christmas story! And your last post was so cool. We get to seal Seth this month and can't wait. It looked wonderful. Only, whatever Moses is eating off of the napkin looks a little suspicious. . . Just kidding!

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Matt and Lisa, you guys are just the cutest little family ever!! How are you all?? we miss you!!