Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lucky 7

Matt and I hit 7 years on January 4th. Not the greatest anniversary ever, but ya can't win 'em all. We got home from Utah at 1:30 am on Friday. I mostly didn't function that day so Matt unpacked the car and put away Christmas decorations. Finally that evening I pulled myself out of bed, threw on some clothes. and went and got a pizza and a gallon of milk so my family wouldn't starve. By the time we got the kids in bed Matt was sick. Food poisoning appparantly, though none of the rest of us had any problems. So we were up all night and the next day I went to the grocery store in the below zero temperatures. On Sunday we thought we should pull our act together and make it to church. Of course we got in a car accident on the way to church. It had snowed the night before and a lady backed out in front of us and it was too slick to stop in time. No one was hurt and we eventually made it to church. Monday was our anniversary and the day Matt went back to school. I tried to make him a nice dinner, but I was exhausted and sick all day. He still said the dinner was good. Whatever. We lived through it and that's about the best we could do.

So happy seven years to us. I still like him.


Zaissa said...

You got home from where?????

Lechelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

You made it to seven years. I think I lost a bet to someone.

Anonymous said...

During this seven years together, did Matt teach you how to drink out of the milk jug?

What other gems have you learned from him?


Anonymous said...

Like- heck that is dang good. We've been married for almost 12 years, and I marvel at the fact we can both live in the same state.

Kyle and Janel said...

What the heck you got in an accident? What?! :) Well happy 7 years.