Friday, March 25, 2011

(Look, the lighting can only work for black people or white people. You can't have it all, folks.)

We are having a ward activity tonight where there is going to be some sort of "Family Feud" game. So a survey was sent out for eveyone to answer and there was a part for the kids as well. These are my kids' answers. If ya try real hard you can probably tell whose answers are first, and whose are second.

Questions for children:

1. Name an animal mentioned in the scriptures.
Lion, dog

2. Name a prophet from the Book of Mormon.
Joseph Smith, Moroni

3. Name a good Sunday activity.
Go to church, play with my friends

4. Name an animal Noah took on the Ark.
Sheep, cow

5. Name something against the Word of Wisdom.
Alcohol, not eat food

6. Name your favorite Primary song.
Scripture power, Once there was a snowman

7. Name something you do in Primary.
Learn about Jesus, be good

8. Name something in the Bishop’s office.
Temple cards, candy canes

9. Name a book in the Book of Mormon.

10. Name one of the 10 Commandments.
Don't hit, don't eat Tate's food

11. Name a snack eaten in nursery.
Popcorn, strawberries

12. Name something the pioneers took to Utah.
Wagon, a toy

13. Name something in the Garden of Eden.
Flowers, Chuck E. Cheese's

14. Name a miracle performed by the Savior.
The loaves and fishes, chocolate

15. Name a class in Primary.
CTR 5, sunbeams

16. Name a Primary color.
Blue, red

Yup, I do believe we are teaching those kids well.  Call me if you need any parenting tips.


Zaissa said...

Well looking at #14, I would say that Ava said the first items, and Lisa said the second!

Summer and family said...

I see that Moses has it ingrained in him not to eat Tate's food : )

Hi-D said...

Yes, Mosey, chocolate is a miracle. Just don't eat Tate's- or mommy's!

The Bailey's said...

Haha, those were great! Isn't that miracle we know as "chocolate" the best one of all? Miss you guys, hope you are doing great, the kids are as adorable as ever:)