Monday, July 18, 2011

The Garden

Here is the garden that I have been working on.  I have never done this before but It seems to be growing pretty good not to many tomatoes.  I think it has been too hot we got a few early on.  BLT's were the only way to eat them.

 I was running out of space for my cucumber plant so I clipped all of the runners.
 As soon as I did that the cucumbers started to come.
 Here are my peppers.


Stuart and Kimber said...

Your garden looks amazing!!! Woo hoo! Our cukes aren't even a quarter of the size yours are...You rock!

Anonymous said...

Cool tomates!

Bring em up and we will try them.

Summer and family said...

wow great garden, good work!

The Stanley's said...

Loved talking to you today! Your house is beautiful. Love those shelves! Your kids are SO BIG! Miss ya girl!