Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Albuquerque NM

We went to Albuquerque NM for the weekend to meet Moses birth brother (Marcus on right) and birth cousin (Tyler in the middle). It was awesome and a ton of fun.  The boys seemed to get along very well.  Tyler and Moses seemed to be a little shy at first but that was for only 3 minutes. So this is when they met.  
 The morning they met.
  We didn't do much except swim so the kids were super happy.
 Mose and Tyler
 Marcus on left, Moses and Tyler on right
 Ava thought that it was awesome to do cannon ballz
 Ava and Tatey
 They are all about the same height.
 I loved Marcus' face that kid is hilarious.
 So Marcus and Tyler have 2 big sisters Bella on the Left and Emma on the right.  Bella took care of Tate in the pool which was awesome and Moses has a new girlie friend named Emma.
 Whoop Whoop
 Marcus and Moses with their hot chocolates.


Zaissa said...

Can't ever have enough Emma, I tell you what!

(Also, our cat's name is Bella.)

Stuart and Kimber said...

What fun! Great pics too!