Friday, September 14, 2007

My Funny Ava

A few funny stories:

We have church at 3 pm and sacrament is last. Yes, it is brutal. So last Fast Sunday we are halfway through testimony meeting and a man is finishing up. Right when he says, "Amen" Ava shouts out, "Amen! Enough, Mama. Enough!" I couldn't agree more.

So Halloween has arrived in the stores. The kids and I were passing the monster aisle in WalMart and we see a demonic figure in a black hooded cape. Ava says loudly (like she says everything), "Look, Mama, it's Jesus!" Uhhh, sometimes words escape me.

Ava has a secret stash of pens somewhere. I always keep the pens out of her reach, but she always manages to find one. The other day I found a lovely picture drawn on my couch. I called her in, pointed to it, and asked her if she drew on the couch. She replied, "I draw on the wall
too!" And she wasn't lying.

Heaven help me with this child.


Anonymous said...

Ho, Ho!!!Ha, Ha!!
Lisa love, you DESERVE an Ava!
Shall I post some of your young escapades? Like nearly giving your grandpa a second heart attack when we left you with him for a few minutes and you did your classic "hold-my-breath until I pass out" routine?
Take good care of that child, she will move mountains in her lifetime. Love you all, gr-ma