Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ava's New Book

I made a book for Ava about Moses coming to our family. I wanted her to start to get a general idea about how this all came about. I wrote a little story and put pictues with it. I finally got it finished last night and we read it for family night. When we read the part about Moses' birthmom she said, "A birthday cake?!" It may be a while before it all makes sense.... I plan on making a storybook for Moses too that has more details about his other mama, but that can wait a little while.

Here is the story and a couple pictures I included:
Ava and Moses

Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl named Ava. She had a beautiful smile and bright, shining eyes. She made everyone happy with her funny laugh. Everyone loved Ava.

One day Ava found out she was going to get a baby brother. Her mommy and daddy wanted Ava to have a brother to play with and they knew they would love a little boy.

A mommy who lived far away heard about Ava and her mommy and daddy. She thought Ava was so pretty and looked liked a good big sister. She wanted her baby boy to come to Ava’s family and be her baby brother. She knew that Ava and her mommy and daddy would love her baby boy.

She came to where Ava and her mommy and daddy lived. She went to the hospital and Ava’s mom and dad went too. It was a wonderful day. Do you know why??? Because that is the day Moses was born! Moses was a perfect baby boy. He had curly black hair and big, dark eyes.
Everyone was so happy when he was born. Everyone loved Moses.

Ava came to the hospital to see her new baby brother. She thought he was really cute. Moses started making squeaking noises and Ava called him a “monster”. When it was time to go home, Mommy and Daddy said goodbye to Mosey’s birthmom. They said thank you for giving us Moses. She was happy Moses had a family that loves him. Then Mommy and Daddy took Ava and Moses home. Everyone was happy that the pretty little girl, Ava, now had a perfect little brother, Moses.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Lisa. I am seeing more and more in you that is so good and tender, guess you're not such a 'little girl' anymore--tho you will always be to me!
Your book is beautiful, your children are blessed.
Love you, gr-ma

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

what a sweet little book to make for her. you are so thoughtful lisa. what a good mom you are. you learned from the best though. i sure love your mom.