Monday, October 1, 2007

Mother of the Year, But Only for a Day

Last Friday I was a successful mother. We got up and Ava and I played with her train tracks and blocks while Moses practiced his scooting. When Moses was ready for a nap I rocked and sang him to sleep instead of just putting him in his bed. Then Ava and I made Halloween cookies and had lunch. During her nap I got the house cleaned up and a shower too! Then when the kids woke up we had Kaydee and her mom come over for a tea party. Then we all played outside for a couple hours because the weather was gorgeous.
It's just not that often I feel like I am spending enough time with both my kids and getting the things done that I need to do. But I'm workin' on it..........and every so often I do something right.


Anonymous said...

Wow... What did you do for your husband that night?