Monday, February 18, 2008

Long Awaited and Much Anticipated

Here they are--some birthday pictures of the big 3-year-old. The theme was "Love Bugs" since she is close to being a Valentine baby. The party was wicked fun, of course, although I almost drove myself mad trying to pull it all together the day before. It was my first time making any kind of cake other than the standard and I stayed up til 2:30 am working on them. They didn't turn out perfect, but I only had to impress my daughter and she loved them!

Food and decorations--Lisa was the decoration master and Carissa made the cute sign

Here they are--all the little love bugs.

Kaydee's got skills in the bug dropping game.

Tape the dot on the ladybug.

Moses making friends.


Butterfly cake.

Ladybug cake.

Make a wish.


Glaziers said...

I keep forgetting to tell you, so I'll tell you now, your cakes turned out really cute, your hard sleepless night paid off!

The Stanley's said...

So, are you for hire? Kaydee's party is in June- keep it open! The party turned out great. (By the way, nice picture with the Chinese lanterns falling down- and thanks for giving me the credit!- for the record, you taped that side.)

YourGirl said...

I'll hire you right now. Hey When are we going to see the pics on the SEALING.

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Wow, those cakes are so cute!!

becky said...

I am so proud of you!!! It looks like you are better at "that sort of stuff" than you give yourself credit for! The cakes- adorable! In the one pic, Ava looks like she is getting frustrated with her love bug hair accessory- too cute!
Good Job Girlie!

Amanda, David and Isabel said...

You are one rad Mom! That was such a great party, and you did an awesome job. Will you make me a butterfly cake for my b-day, I loved 'em!

bonnie said...

You really did do a good job on those cakes and the whole party! I don't think that I am creative enough to come up with cakes as cute as those! I loved the theme too.

Kyle and Janel said...

Man I am totally bummed we missed out, I would have just loved to have seen the cake in person! (this is where you think to yourself that you are going to make one for me and surprise me, ha) anyways, it looked so cute!

becca said...

those cakes are amazing! how did you do it? I am very impressed. what a cute little birthday party.

J S said...

Great pictures and comments... I can tell that Mosey has Lisa's curley hair.