Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Man Tag

-What is his full name? Matthew Craig Stephenson
-How long have you been married? 5 years and 1 month
-How long did you date? Hard to say. I think we officially "dated" for about 10 months, but we were "friends" for about 7 months before that.
-Who eats more sweets? That is all me. Matt is into salty junk food.
-Who said I love you first? I said something to the effect of, "I think I am falling in love." I don't know who said I love you first.
-How old is he? 27

-Who is taller? He is of course. I am too superficial to have a short guy.
-Who is smarter? Me. All me. No, I couldn't do dental school, I'll give him that--but I still say me.
-Who can sing better? Sorry sweet cheeks, you ain't got skills in the music department. He's actually not bad, and he makes up some interesting things when he doesn't know the lyrics.
-Who does the laundry? Ooohh, sore subject. Matty probably does more. All I know is even with the both of us we can't stay on top of it.
-Who pays the bills? It goes like this every month--Matt says, "WE need to pay this, and this, and this....", which means, "Lisa, pay this, and this, and this." But I spend the rest of the money too so it's okay.
-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. Matt sleeps in the middle.
-Who mows the lawn? The village green maintence man. Matt says he will enjoy mowing the lawn when we have a house. I will enjoy having a house when we have a house.
-Who cooks dinner? I do because I like to eat things besides Ramen and party pizzas.
-Who drives? Matt drives. It makes him feel manly.
-Who is more stubborn? Oh mercy. Depends on the situation. I am probably more stubborn on most occassions, but Matt is very stubborn with Ava--they like to have their power struggles.
-Who kissed who first? This question always starts an arguement. I maintain my stance that it was Matt who kissed me.
-Who asked who out? I don't know. When we were friends I asked him to go to the circus with me. When we became "more than friends" he did all the asking. We have a confusing story, obviously.
-Who proposed? Matt, behind a waterfall with flower petals all over the ground--very Robin Hood and Maid Marion (you know the cartoon one).
-Who has more siblings? Matt-5 bros, 1 sis, I have 2 sisters and 1 bro
-Who wears the pants? Me. He is just supposed to make the money, but he's currently not doing that very well.

Thank you, Janel, for the insanely sexy legs.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe all the that you said about me=== I 'otta rock your world right now and not mention check those sexy leggings.


Kyle and Janel said...

haha...first of all your welcome! but secondly, Lisa you are hilarious! The more I get to know you the more I love it! The answer about mowing the lawn really made me laugh!

Zaissa said...

I have seen that picture! Look, there is another scooter in it!

Go figure!

But speaking of sexy legs...girl, don't lie, you just rode that thing to show those off, hu?

becky said...

LOL!! You always manage to crack me up, I love it!

The Stanley's said...

I love your blog Lisa, so much in fact I have given in and now "officially" have a blog of my own. It's And by the way where did ya get the 2nd scooter?

Kyle and Janel said...

Hey thanks for the invite, we would have LOVED to come but Jantsen already had plans to go to the Train Expo. But I am glad that one day at the Council Bluffs Mall makes young kids instant friends. Kindof funny how that works huh! :0) Happy Birthday to Ava anyways!

Sonnie and Ryan said...

You guys are hillarious! And, Matt, you should be thanking US instead of cursing us! haha

Stuart & Kimber said...

cute family shot! I love the pic of the hands...

becky said...

I love the new header photo, That is the sweetest, best picture I have ever seen! It made my heart flutter!

Anonymous said...


Seriously, the bottom hand on the "hand-stack" picture... something about it that reminds me of a lowland gorilla.