Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here are some of our pics we have been keeping to ourselves

So it has been a while since we just put some pictures up of our kids and what we have been up to. So here are a bunch of pictures starting from the oldest to the newest.

Ava took this picture. I think she did a good job of capturing my bride and I.

One time when we went outside Ava wanted to do some snow angels so she did about 15 in a row. You can see another one she did just to her left.

That same day we made this snowman in front of our window. I wouldn't recommend doing this because the next few days everytime we walked into the front room it was kind of startling.

One day when it was rainy and cold Ava and I made this sweet hopscotch in our frontroom. No one can do hopscotch quite like Lisa though.
We went to Cocokeys an indoor water park for Ava's birthday. This slide she only went down about 50,000 times.

If Moses were in any bigger he would be hurtin for certain.
This little dude is lucky I wasn't the one who found him up on the table.

Lately Ava has been wanting ring pancakes for breakfast. So here they are.

Lisa told me one day that Moses had been walking around with a plate on his head all morning and when it fell off he just put it back on like it was normal.

Ava was sick and couldn't make it to a Handy Manny birthday party so they brought over her little take home treasures. I personally like the little bit of tummy hanging out of her new handy manny outfit. She later tells Lisa and I that she wants to be a unicorn handy manny
Moses' latest punishment is putting his head in the corner. Lisa and I think it is kind of funny because once when Lisa put him in there he was tired of being there so he reached his hand behind him and started waving Lisa over because he was done being there.
Lisa ran a 5K in 28 minutes. She told me that her main motivation was that she read a blog that some 8 month, pregnant girl wrote that she ran a 5K in 35 minutes. So Lisa felt that it was her mission to beat this time.
Moses was really tired one day. So I got to hold that little dude for like 45 minutes while he slept.
Here is Ava and Moses' latest and greatest toy/bed. If you look toward the end of the bed it has a slide. They have spent hours going up and down that thing.

Ava had a dance recital this past week. I personally liked her added spins that she did.


LaKay said...

Love the pix. I am so glad that we get to see you next week

Stuart and Kimber said...


Anonymous said...

Love the pics, however, in the first pic, there seem to be a lot of extra hands. I mean it, look at the pic, they are everywhere. Might want to check that couch for a extra hand trying to cop-a-feel. I check mine every day for extra hands!

Lorraine said...

Your little family is growing up! Thank goodness for blogs I wouldn't get to see them growing. I miss you guys!!

Lechelle said...

Your 5k impresses me Lisa