Sunday, May 17, 2009


The family in Nauvoo with two lips all around us.

Ava, Moses and their cousins surrounded by the lips.

Arriving at Carthage jail the twins were being so nice to each other and holding hands.

My big sister and husband and my parental UNITS and Lisa and Muscle man just outside carthage jail.

The Kidos and the life size statues of Joseph and Hyrum.

The kiddinkers and a Statue of Christ at the visitor center.

Moses and I are giving the stink eye!!!

Moses is heavy. Sometimes it is the only way to carry the little dude.

HOT MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gurlies on the carriage ride. I think the little blondy on the right lost a tooth.

Moses telling grandma about it.

Funny faces. Moses has to go to the bathroom.

Last day and grandma and grandpa hanging with duddy squats.

Does Lisa really have curly hair? Nice thongs

Mama and the Mosen hosen

Nice picture
Loves you.


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

we love nauvoo! we'll have to get back there when the kids are a little older so they can actually remember it... and appreciate it. :)

claire is in our prayers. thanks for letting me know. please send my love to chris too.

Anonymous said...

Why is the blog so jacked up?

LaKay said...

Nauvoo was fast, but fun!! Thanks for letting us crash your trip!!