Sunday, March 14, 2010


We got this video from a friend that recorded the act while she was watching Moses. Her kids have never gotten into the flour until Mos came along. A little while later when he was over there, he did it again. I called her and asked if it was as bad as the first time and her response was that it was quite a bit worse. I think a few people can relate to this incident. The material changes but that is about it. At our house we have caught him spreading a strawberry jello packet (most damaging), brown suger, frosting, water, cereal/rice crispies, crackers/gold fish, gogurt, crisco(at another friends house), and these are just a few of things he likes to get into off the the top of my head. We love our Moses.


Lechelle said...


san said...

how funny!! what a great friend lis - i can't believe she was able to stand there and video as they kept going. that would have been hard for me to not say "ok stop - no more!".

Lorraine said...

Grandma loveless is here laughing