Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our latest Gurly

We got to the hospital on 3-26-10 at 6am. Lisa got an amnio and the results were 69 they needed to be 55 (it measurs lung cells to see if the lungs are developed enough). They were short staff so they couldn't start the induction right away. The induction started at 4:45 pm. It was a long day. She arrived at 1:15 am 3-27-10. She weighed 6 lbs and 13 oz and 20 inches long. She is beautiful. Mommy and the baby are doing great and so is daddy. She is currently nameless. Any ideas????????


Hi-D said...

yay! yayayayayayayay!

Zaissa said...

Little Lisa?

Ava 2.0?



I got a million of 'em if you want me to keep 'em comin'!

Congrats guys! I am glad Lisa and "Little Lisa" both made it.

Stuart and Kimber said...

Stu-ina is still available! (it will be available after you name your child too. :) )

Glad everyone is well!!!!

Brian & Erin said...

What a cutie! Congrats to your family. When Lisa was telling me names you two had in mind, I liked Madeleine.
Brian votes for Brian-na

Sonnie and Ryan said...

Oh my goodness!!! How CUTE!!!!! Congratulations you guys!! You are the sweetest little family I know!!

Kyle and Janel said...

Yay! No more being prego! I am so happy for you both! well all of you! You guys have such a cute family!

Lechelle said...


I like Mae, Jane, Adeline, and Violet.

But I think my first choices are Flowers and Darling.

Jeff Janae & Crew said...

She is beautiful! We are so happy for your family :-)