Monday, November 1, 2010

about me. has been a little teensy-tiny bit hard as of late. Claire and her family are constantly on my mind. I find myself struggling with the worry, and the not knowing, and the questions that can't be answered. My mind swirls with questions of faith, and healing, and plans that are not ours. I feel the need to enjoy my children more and more often, and the guilt of continuing life normally when it seems nothing is normal at all.

...lately I've been feeling the pull towards things beyond this everyday of mine. Things I need to do. Things besides get on the treadmill more and have my hair done. You see, I'm kind of in charge of these three little people and they are going to do big things, or maybe small things that really matter. And I've got to show them how.'s November. National Adoption Month. You remembered, didn't you? I'm not going to say that I will post everyday about adoption because.. I won't. Obviously I have many strong feelings/opinions about adoption and everything that goes with it, but you are not going to get it all on blogger. That being said, November is a month dear to our hearts around here, in which we have much to celebrate, and I think I can come up with a post (or two) having to do with this crazy little thing called adoption in the next 30 days. 


Hi-D said...

What happened to your niece? Hugs.

I would like to see your thoughts on adoption. Throw some out there for me.

Lechelle said...

I'm sorry about Claire. I hope the Lord's plan for her is the plan we are hoping for.

looking forward to your adoption posts. talking about adoption on blogger is always interesting, someone somewhere will likely read opinions and get offended, there's that delicate balance of what to share, but it's still a good thing to promote it.