Sunday, October 26, 2008

The funny things at our place

So I told Ava to put her sucker away b/c it was bed time. Lisa found it right where it was supposed to go.

Lisa taught Moses how to give the stink eye. However, he is having a more difficult time keeping a straight face now.

Ava the other day decided that she want a pet caterpilar and made Lisa search for all sorts of things for the caterpilar. The ball is a toy to play with. The ice cream cone is the bath tub. The mega block is the potty. The chip under the potty is a leaf and the green lid is a plate with a tiny bit of brownie (that is covered up). When I got home we tried to find a caterpiler but we were unsuccessful.

Moses threw a tantrum and threw his milk on the floor and flicked milk all over himself and he started to cry. Lisa told me the story and I started to laugh.

Through the eyes of Ava.

Moses rubbing his cheeks all over my shower. I was putting him in the bath tub today and I turned on the water and he turned on his hose all over the floor where I was standing.

Ava created this little contraption on her own or maybe Lisa plays this when I am not around. I think it is awesome though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Do You Know...

...she's the daughter of a dentist (well, kind of a dentist)? Tonight Matt brings home a Cinderella toothbrush from school for Ava. When he gives it to her she exclaims, "This is the best suprise ever!". Really?!?! How do I top that?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mormons storm'in the Good'ol Punkin Patch

Here I am covering for Lisa because she has a long 9 months ahead of her. So I will be in and out.

I was showing Moses how to sleep in his room since he would not.

My lady looking hot and dead sexy with her witchy friends (no offense Lisa).

Our dinks helping us get a nice shot on the Pumpkins.

This goat climbed up on the roof of this barn and was just hanging out. Moses is in the picture he is just harder to see.

My favorite pig and cow. I like frenching the cow.

The kids on the bikes at the pumpkin patch.

Incubators in the front and men in the back. So which mormon lady has 2 husbands?

PS Lisa is not pregnant it was a joke.