Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lisa 25 Things round 1

1. Lisa loves to eat alfalfa sprouts, which is good, since a lot of the time she looks like she’s putting on a little weight. (Actually, she never changes. Even when she was pregnant she only gained like 4 pounds)

2. Lisa is one of the world’s great listeners. I always felt like I could tell her my wacky ideas that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone else. Like the snowboard video w/ the Smashing Pumpkins song.

3. One of the best things about Lisa is that she has no reservations about smacking Matt (hard!) when he needs it, which is quite often.

4. Lisa drove some poor teenage boys crazy back in the day. There are a few who are still mentally unstable. Like the freak at Costco that I almost mangled when he tried to pick up on her right in front of me.

5. Lisa does one heck of a monkey impression

6. Lisa has a talent for writing and expressing simple, common emotions and
feelings about life that go straight to the heart of the reader.

7. As a teenager, Lisa never seemed to need the approval of the ‘cool’ group
at school; she was quite comfortable with herself, who she was, and what she believed.

8. Lisa has a special love for those who speak with their hands. She has been
mistaken for a person who is deaf because of her talent with sign language.

9. When 14 years old, Lisa was a volunteer assigned to the NICU. She stocked
supplies and rocked the preemies. She especially loved a tiny black baby
named Moses. She sang him songs and asked him about his girlfriends. She
told me one evening that someday she would have her own little Moses. She
never let go of her dream.

10. Lisa and Natalie did a marvelous ‘video’ and karaoke of ‘Earl’s Gotta Die.’

11. As a child, Lisa liked to sleep on the couch quite often.

12. Ask Matt about how well Lisa responds to practical jokes at McDonalds after she
drove all night on a long trip back from a pest control summer. “Here’s your sign!”

13. I have never seen Lisa do a lick of yard work.

14. We are a much better family because Lisa came along. She has made each
of us better and happier.

15. Lisa married the exact right guy, and made it look easy.

16. I think it is possible that Lisa picked Moses long before this life.

17. The YW were singing, reading poetry, etc. at a YW in Excellence program.
When it was Lisa’s turn she walked to the front, kicked off her shoes and
launched into a drum solo. She received a standing ovation and livened
that meeting up a bit.

18. Lisa is a lefty, but she doesn’t hold her pen right.

19. Lisa is an early riser…early afternoon.

20. You could say that Lisa is quite social; she doesn’t like being alone.

21. Lisa loves ice cream (even in Omaha in the winter) and dark chocolate.

22. When picking Lisa up from Junior High, she would jump in the car, turn the
radio up very loud, then begin telling me about her day in a very, very loud
voice so I could hear her over the radio. I would drive home very fast.

23. The way Lisa loves that Moses makes you think he’s her favorite. It’s the
same with Ava, too. Guess she plays favorites. She is an amazing mother
with happy children who already have their own opinions, and keep us laughing.

24. Lisa talked us into getting her 2 baby ducks thinking they would follow her around.
She named them both Jim. They always ran away as fast as possible whenever she
came near.

25. Lisa would not leave the Saturn dealership when I had to leave for an appointment
before we completed the purchase. She was there for about 5 1/2 hours – but she got
the keys! And I got the car (Thanks Ron--- Matt).


Zaissa said...

I didn't know Lisa was left handed!

Number 7 is VERY true and one of the things I have most admired about that girl for a long time.

Dave and Teresa said...

Hey Lisa... Dave Stockdale here. Just scanning blogs and came across this one and thought I'd drop a "hi." This was really fun to read and learn new things about you and your family. Hopefully we'll be able to stay in touch a bit better, now that there is such a thing as the blogosphere!