Saturday, March 14, 2009


For those of you who have been wondering when Natalie's post will be up, well, I don't know. I actually got it all done a while ago and hit 'publish', but some error occurred and it was erased in it's entirety. Then, Matt dropped the computer. So maybe someday Natalie's post will be displayed here for all to enjoy--but I make no promises.

*And yes, I feel completely cut off from the world without a computer. Sometimes I am even tempted to watch the news.


Sheri said...

Yes, Lisa, I have patiently been waiting to hear about Natalie. I miss her! I love that you are doing this...although I am sure your family sits on pins and needles wondering what secrets you are going to divulge!

jsstephenson said...

In Matt's 25 great attributes, do you have that he drinks milk from the jug?

I learned that trick from him and have found that it really works well.

Zaissa said...

I think you did Natalie this way as a demonstration.

Cause Natalie is always very late.

Anonymous said...

but I do