Monday, February 16, 2009

Chrissy 25 Things

1. Chrissy's idea of a fun girls' night is to cut up a bunch of magazines and make collages. Really.

2. Chrissy is the most fearless and creative cook I know. She makes amazing food and she uses whatever she feels like and is never scared how it will turn out. All of us girls cook like our mother--we don't follow recipes--but Chrissy just takes it to another level.

3. Chrissy referenced the country song "Livin' On Love" in her mission farewell talk.

4. Chrissy used to tell us stories using the ingredients as she mixed up cookie dough. The butter was sunshine, the sugar was snow, etc.

5. Chrissy loves to eat butter. Straight butter.

6. Chrissy once sang karoke to ABBA's "Waterloo" at the fair and brought the house down.

7. Chrissy named her dog Rusty Sundance Barrett. He was the best dog ever.

8. Chrissy is prone to severe laughing attacks. They tend to hit when she is in the kitchen. She usually ends up on the floor for 20 minutes or so.

9. Chrissy served a mission in France. She is the only member of our family (of those who served missions) that did not go to Brazil.

10. Chrissy has moves. Always has. She thinks she can no longer dance, but I know that girl could still bust it if the opportunity arose.

11. Chrissy loves to sing like a man when she is sick. Her favorite is "Broken Heartsville". If you haven't heard her do it, make it a priority to catch her next time she has a cold.

12. Chrissy made me love the rain.

13. Chrissy is the only member of our family that still lives in California. She lets me know when there are available houses near her though.

14. Chrissy always washes her eyebrows when she is finished doing her makeup.

15. Chrissy has very creative ways of getting her children to eat. The girl works hard at it. It is exhausting to watch.

16. Chrissy once said that when she got married she and her husband were going to hold hands all night while they slept. How's that workin' out for ya, Brandon?

17. Chrissy plays the piano and the flute.

18. Chrissy has been known to wear tight, very bright, green pants. And she rocked 'em.

19. Chrissy thinks she is the only one in the family that is not funny. Oh, she is so wrong. Robert is not funny either.

20. Chrissy makes up her own lyrics to well-known songs. It never ceases to amaze me how well she can do this at the spur of the moment.

21. Chrissy can hold her own in any arguement. And if you happen to be a doctor, you really should not mess with her.

22. Chrissy got a light blue Mazda 626 with a sunroof for her 16th birthday. She loved that car. And she loves her current vehicle, a light blue Toyota Sienna, named Cloudia.

23. Chrissy is Wonder Woman.

24. Chrissy cannot finish a meal in one sitting. She leaves her food on the table and comes back 20 minutes later to finish. She also has to eat right before she goes to bed or she will starve in the night.

25. Chrissy proved me wrong. I thought that Chrissy was fragile. When she was dating her now-husband I told him that she has a fragile soul. Then I saw her become a mother and I knew I had been wrong all along. She is most likely the strongest person I will ever know. I also told her husband that she is too good for this world--but I was right about that.


Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

yes, yes you were right about that. she's such an incredible woman. and i sure miss her. can you tell her that, please.

and thanks for bringing tears to my eyes with the 25 things about your dad, your mom, and chrissy. thanks, thanks a lot. :) i sure love your family. tender, tender memories.

Jillian said...

No argument with number 19. Robert is totally NOT funny.

Zaissa said...

I remember #6 vividly. She had 50 drunk cowboys screamin' and wooing at her when she got on stage (cause she was clearly a babe) and then she started to sing and they were all enthralled. Especially since every one else sang country that night and then our Chrissy gets up there with Waterloo. I think of that EVERY single time I hear that song.

And there are several songs (#20) that I hear and I can't remember the real lyrics...just the Chrissy version.

I used to think she was fragile too, and now I have often thought she is the strongest momma I have ever known.

Emily said...

Come on. Is it really that hard to think of a couple nice things to say about your brother? :)

Lisa said...

Yep. I got nothin'. :)

Brandon said...

Robert has a really hot older sister.

Anonymous said...

Gross brandon....

Natalie said...

Yes, Chrissy IS Wonder Woman. And she was slammin' in those tight green pants.