Friday, February 6, 2009

Daddy 25 Things

1. My Dad is left-handed, as am I, but he writes the classic left-hand bent over way and I just hold my pen wrong, but my hand is upright.

2. My Dad listens to baseball games on the radio. He would often sit in his car out in the drive way after he got home from work and we knew he was listening to a game.

3. My Dad is the scariest person ever to find in a game of hide-and-seek. He always hides in a dark place and makes scary noises. My mom would have to go with us to find Daddy because we weren't going in there alone.

4. My Dad started out as a highschool teacher before going into Real Estate.

5. My Dad taught me to drive a stick by handing me the keys to my sister's car and saying, "Give it a go." Then he went to work.

6. My Dad majored in psychology, I believe.

7. My Dad makes a mean breakfast.

8. My Dad always takes his naps on the floor. Well, sometimes he falls asleep in a chair and then moves to the floor.

9. My Dad named his car "Clifford" because it is "a big red dog". It is quite fast, Robert and Matt can vouch for that.

10. My Dad is a good dancer and makes it his mission to teach young men how to really dance instead of just shuffle their feet.

11. My Dad is a scary man if you want to ask him to marry his youngest daughter. All I know is Matt came out of that room sweating like crazy. He still has nightmares about it.

12. My Dad cheats at most games. That is the only way to make it fun, of course. Spoons is the worst, and if you've never played with my Dad you are missin' out.

13. My Dad suffers from the disease Chocolate Donutitis. It is genetic and all his kids got it.

14. My Dad often talks about my Mom's "sparkling blue eyes". I've never heard him say a negative thing about her. I believe it--"The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother." He loves that woman.

15. My Dad had an afro. Mos wants to be just like him.

16. My Dad bought me a car and told me not to let some boy marry me for my car. Matt crashed his car, bought a scooter, and married me.

17. My Dad sings well. He sang at my sister's wedding and at my other sister's farewell.

18. My Dad used to play baseball and basketball. Now he plays basketball and tennis.

19. My Dad joined the church in 1972.

20. My Dad has a scar on his arm from cutting himself with a chainsaw.

21. My Dad is "as handsome as the devil". Just ask him. I have had several friends tell me they thought my dad was good-looking, so he must be right.

22. My Dad knows A LOT of people. When we lived in California we could never go out in public with him without having to stop to chat with someone he knew. Handsome and popular...

23. My Dad drinks caffiene free Pepsi/Coke once in a while (we are not big soda people). We call it devil juice and I think it is nasty.

24. My Dad has really long, weird looking toes. I think all his kids got that too.

25. My Dad can give some really good advice on LIFE. He's a good person to talk to if you are ever in need.


Anonymous said...

You know what they say about lefties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zaissa said...

Ok, got are doing one at a time. I thought I was missing something but I picked up on it now (I am pretty swift).

You know what I remember about your dad? That he calls all groups of children "boys" when he speaks to them collectively. Even if every single one of them is a little girl. I can't count the number of times he came in to your pink bedroom where Nat, you, and I were playing Barbies to tell us "boys" to put the dolls away and wash up for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Is there some sort of family seceret that I should know about?


Lechelle said...

#14. I remember you telling me this once when we were kids, and from then on I noticed it in him. It was a great example to me.

Nat said...

Good job, Lisa. And you didn't even say anything about Dad making you sleep on the couch. Of course you did get to do the scholastic book order...