Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mama 25 Things

1. My Mom HATES to cook, which is weird because she is really good at it. When she was in college she lived with her sister and she made a deal with her that she would do all the cleaning if her sister would do all the cooking.

2. My Mom sews really well. She made her own wedding dress and used to make my two sisters and I matching dresses every Easter. She, however, did not pass the sewing ability on to me.

3. My Mom was very good about making sure we had Family Home Evening every week while we were growing up. And like all children, we were so appreciative.

4. My Mom likes her some Neil Diamond, the Bee Gees, and Aaron Neville.

5. My Mom thinks Tom Selleck is hot. Oh wait, no, she thinks my Dad is hot.

6. My Mom LOVES frogs. She liked 'em when she was little and she liked 'em when she was grown. She's had a couple frogs, but the one I remember is, Barnaby, the frog who she would let crawl around in the dirty laundry piles. I also remember one time for sure that my brother totally got off the hook when he came home way too late, but he brought a frog he had caught to my mom.

7. My Mom likes the donuts with the pink or orange frosting and the Apple Fritters.

8. My Mom likes to read a good book while eating a good apple.

9. My Mom has to take a bath every night right before she goes to bed so she can get her feet warm enough, or else she can't fall asleep.

10. My Mom likes men's legs. That's all I'm going to say about that.

11. My Mom sang us primary songs at bedtime.

12. My Mom taught me to be a "high endurance shopper". She started me young, and there was a time I could make her proud. Then I had children and it all changed.

13. My Mom is the slowest decision maker in the world. Seriously. She looks at something, then she thinks about it, then she goes back and looks at it again, then she looks elsewhere for something better, then she takes another look, and on and on.

14. My Mom has always been my friend. When I was little she would take me out of school to take me to the movies or get an Icee. When I was a little older she would take me shopping and drop by my school with lunch for my friends and I. There has never been a time when I couldn't talk to my mom. I still call her everyday--usually more than once. And she still answers.

15. My Mom crashed on a motorcycle with her cousin, Cindy. She told us the story once in the car and she was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her cheeks. We thought she might crash then too.

16. My Mom is one of the most hard-working and selfless people I know.

17. My Mom started working at the City Library when I was in highschool. She had highly entertaining stories to tell about that.

18. My Mom gave birth in an ambulance. She's never seemed too happy about that.

19. My Mom cries every time she reads "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". It was her Dad's favorite book.

20. My Mom wanted to name me Thalia.

21. My Mom loves the smell of new baby dolls. I think she named one of them Thalia.

22. My Mom was the Young Women's president in our ward for a long time. I think she will never know how many lives she changed.

23. My Mom stayed with me in my apartment the night before I got married. She laid in my bed and listened to me talk all night because I was too excited to sleep. I will never forget that.

24. My Mom always made us homemade cards.

25. My Mom lets my Dad think he wears the pants. She's sweet like that.


Anonymous said...

4. My Mom likes her some Neil Diamond, the Bee Gees, and Aaron Neville.

????? Please Read edit

Lisa said...

It's slang, Patrick. It shows personal style in writing. Thanks for your concern, college boy.

Zaissa said...

Oh my gosh...I knew most of the stuff about your dad, but I didn't know a lot of this about your mom.

She likes much makes sense now! Like those little glass frogs in the flower pots for one...

But seriously, your dad thinks he wears the pants?

Anonymous said...

Pat just a word of warning----you will get yourself worked when it comes to writing.


becky said...

Your mom is awesome! And I am really glad you are not Thalia!

Anonymous said...

#14. Yeah, well except for maybe the day at the Saturn dealership, and the day you DIDN'T get named Thalia. That's what I'm talkin' about!

aka 'Dad'

Stuart and Kimber said...

I love all these sweet memories you have with your Mom!!

Natalie said...

Patrick, "Read edit"? Is this a term? Did you mean "read/ edit" or "read and/or edit?" Either way, the "R" is not capitalized and you forgot to punctuate. Please "read/ edit" yourself. Just messing with you. Don't get mad.

Lisa, you do such a good job with these. Mom was a great YW president. I love that you included Tom Selleck and men's legs. That's Mom.